What Does PZA Mean?

PZA brings pizza into a new age, serving hand-made, innovative creations that offer pizza enthusiasts a new perspective on some of their all-time favorites. A creative spin on the archetypal pizza joint, we serve up fresh options, bursting with flavor.

PZA Means Fresh

At PZA we pride ourselves on creating hand-made pizzas—the dough balled and stretched right before our guests’ eyes and rising with bubbled-crust edges— with a myriad of fresh ingredients. We also offer a farm fresh mosaic of greens to complement your pie; like the eggless dressing caesar salad.

PZA Means Modern

But PZA is so much more than a pizza joint. Meat lovers will thrill at our twist on traditional meatballs made with the freshest ingredients. Epicureans and chefs everywhere declared meatballs a new star in a rapidly expanding comfort food trend that generated meatball-centric eateries and obsessions from New York to Denver and beyond and HMSHost was on the forefront of this trend with the creation of PZA. Today, culinary creators everywhere are crafting their own varieties of the old-school favorite, maintaining that nostalgic quality while incorporating a new twist.

PZA Means Bold

PZA takes the simple traditional meatball and transforms it into a great ball of flavor. PZA meatball subs come in two sizes: the 6-inch sub; and the 12-inch sub. PZA meatball subs are bursting with bold flavors, from the classic beef and chicken, to the spicy red, basil pesto, classic tomato, and roasted garlic and Parmesan sauces, to the array of fresh cheeses, including blue and goat.

What does PZA mean? It means fresh. It means modern. It means bold. By the slice, pie, or sub.

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